• The center of TMA-KU consists of 3 laboratories equipped with modern laboratory equipment for measuring and analyzing the environmental and industrial factors, an Exhibition room which equipped with Personal protective instruments, Reagent room and auxiliary room (kitchen and office), a reading room and a lecture hall.
  • The first laboratory is equipped with a AA-7000 series atomic absorption spectrometer with graphite tube, Multiwave system, Ultrasonic cleaner, two types of Gas chromatography’s, Inductive Couple Optical Emission Spectrometry (ICP-OES) and UV-1280 spectrophotometer that manufactured by Shimadzu, Japan and Agilent. USA.
  • The second laboratory room is designed to prepare samples for analysis. The laboratory is equipped with Water distiller system, pH-meter, exicator system, electron scale, hood, laboratory dishes and automatic Pipettes, oven, centrifuges, incubators and other needs items for analyzing samples.
  • The third laboratory is equipped with lux meter, thermometer, thermohydroCO2meter, noise meter, dust pollution meter, formaldehyde meter, personal air samplers, High volume area air sampler, midget impingers, measuring filters, tubes, freezer and others.

Analysis Equipment

Analysis Equipment

Thermo Scientific™ iCAP™ 7200 ICP-OES Analyzer

  • The iCAP 7200 ICP-OES Duo is a simple alternative to atomic absorption and microwave plasma techniques, providing a multi-element analysis solution. Capable of analyzing trace elements in both liquid and solid samples, the iCAP 7200 ICP-OES offers exceptional sensitivity and accuracy. Field of use: petroleum and gas chemistry industries, other industrial facilities where heavy metals and their salts are formed as a result of technological processes, physiologically active substances, analytical laboratories of enterprises, and research institutes.

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer AA-7000 with Graphite tube, Series Shimadzu

Determination of heavy metals in various types of samples, such as:

  • Environmental samples: assessment of air quality, working environment and indoor air quality; analyses sample of water and soil environment
  • Qualitative analysis of liquids samples: analysis of drinking water, surface and sewage, waste water from enterprises, technical water analysis and quality indicators;
  • Bio monitoring: the evaluation of metals in the blood and urine

UV-1280 Spectrophotometer Shimadzu

Determination of organic and inorganic compounds, also heavy metals in various types of samples, such as:

  • Environmental samples: assessment of water turbidity; assessment of contamination by phosphates and nitrates of various water sources (drinking water, sewage, etc.); quantitative and qualitative determination of iron, copper, arsenic and ammonia.

Gas Chromatography Shimadzu/Agilent

Determination of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in various types of samples, such as:

  • Assessment and quantitative analysis of volatile organic compounds (benzene, toluene, xylene skatole, phenol, etc.) in different environments;
  • Air quality assessment in newly buildings;
  • Industrial enterprises mainly producing synthetic chemicals and drugs;
  • Air quality assessment in industrial sectors where various chemicals are used in the production process;
  • Assessment of air emissions from vehicles and other open sources of pollution;


  • A pH meter is a scientific instrument that measures the hydrogen-ion activity in water-based solutions, indicating its acidity or alkalinity expressed as pH
  • The compact pH 7310 precision pH meter enables to perform pH measurements rapidly and reliably.
  • The pH 7310 provides the maximum degree of operating comfort, reliability, and measuring certainty for all applications.

Measurement Equipment

Measurement Equipment

GT-331(PM-10) SERIES INSTRUMENT Fine dust Micrometer

  • Determination of dust pollutions, such as PM10 and 2.5 and others. Helps in quantitative and quantitative assessment of dust and environmental pollution in the working environment. The device usually automatically tests air and analyzes the results. The results are obtained according to the size of the dust at 1pm, 2.5 pm, 7.5 pm and 10 pm (visual particulate matter – solid particles).


  • The TES 1330A measures the level of natural, artificial and mixed lighting in the living, study rooms and work areas. The main advantages of the equipment are: measuring the level of illumination in the workplace; measuring the level of illumination in educational institutions; measurement of illumination in residential and living areas.
  • Measuring Levels Ranging 0.01 Lux to 200,000 Lux

TES-1357 Sound Level Meter

Measuring the noise level in various place, such as:

  • Industrial enterprises, households, public places, educational institutions, and other public places
  • Measuring of 0.1dBA Resolution
    Range from 30 to 130dB
    Fast/Slow dynamic characteristic
    A&C Frequency Weighting
    The TES 1357-Noise Measurement.

Radon monitors FRD400

  • Equipment for measuring the amount of radon in industrial and residential areas.
  • It’s sensitivity is 0.8cpm/pCi/l by 400cc pulsed ion chamber. Minimum measurement time is just 30min after measurement start. Also the accuracy is < ±10% at 10pCi/l. Also 1.8inch TFT LCD & simple operating process gives convenience.

Formaldemeter™ htV-M

Determine the amount of formaldehyde in various place, such as:

  • Industrial facilities, residential and public buildings. It measures formaldehyde concentrations from 0 to 10 ppm and presents the results on display. The Formaldemeter™ htV-M can precisely measure formaldehyde concentrations in parts per million (ppm) and mg/m3 over a wide range of temperature and humidity.

Thermo – Hygro – CO2 meter

Measurement of microclimate parameters in various of place, such as:

  • Industrial facilities, residential and public buildings.
  • Ability to detect room temperature, humidity and amount of CO2 gas indoors at the same time. Working techniques are easy to present and display results in about 4-5 minutes on average.

Sampling Preparation Equipment

Sampling Preparation Equipment

Gil Air Plus Air sampling pump

  • A sampling device that helps measure air quality.
  • The GilAir® Plus features wide dynamic flow and pressure ranges to address all personal air sampling methods with flow ranges between 20 and 5,100 cc/min. The GilAir Plus can perform both high-flow constant pressure and constant flow (450-5,100 cc/min) and low-flow constant pressure and constant flow (20-499 cc/min) with a single pump without external adaptors..  

Gilian AirCon-2 Area Air Sampling Pump

  • The AirCon-2 sampler is a high volume unit with an extended flow range, designed for collecting particulate in a given plant area. It is ideal for asbestos background and clearance sampling following NIOSH, OSHA or EPA methodology and for ambient dust monitoring. The AirCon-2 System is available in a programmable version that operates off either AC or battery power. It comes with an adjustable tripod mast and connecting hose to hold the filter cassette at the proper height and isolate the filter from the vibration of the unit. Cassette and filter media must be ordered separately.