The collaboration between Korea University and Tashkent Medical Academy started with the project “Capacity Enhancement of Health Science Education in TMA, Uzbekistan” in 2016, as Uzbekistan became one of Korea’s priority partner country for development cooperation. The main areas for work in through this project are capacity enhancement and strengthening of the environmental health capacity.

The first step for the project was to develop a curriculum for the Department of Environmental and Human Health. The curriculum was revised and approved by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Higher Education by May 2017 and with that an expansion to the department was with the establishment of KU-TMA Collaborating Research Center laboratory in 2018. Along with the process of establishment of the new department and laboratory, 3 International Symposiums and Invitation Training Programs were conducted for individual capacity building. The other activities under this project includes, textbook development, invitation for students and professors for training, supervision of graduate students’ (from this department) dissertation progress, Global Korea Scholarship selections, and infrastructural support for laboratory and students.

As this project is focused on delivering global standard education and capacity building of the environmental health professionals, Korea university has been constantly hosting seminars, workshops in Uzbekistan and online lectures which has been led by various experts from Korea University. Therefore, in 2021 to expand the online platform for education and constantly support on capacity building, this video lecture platform has been developed for the students and any member of this site to easily access study materials over a wide range of subjects and courses.